A Healing Space Where You Showing Up Is Already Enough.

Therapy for Self-Sacrificers, Perfectionists, and People Pleasers to Feel Whole and Thrive. Find healing where you showing us is already enough. Let’s disrupt these stories of shame and self-doubt together.

Hiya (he-yah)

translates to “shame” in English from Tagalog

After many of us go through traumatic experience(s), we may feel shame to even admit it as so. Sometimes these experiences are confided with a loved one only to be invalidated by their well meaning intention.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, allow yourself the permission to explore in a supportive space.

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about Hiya Therapy

Who is Hiya Therapy?

Stephanie Tuazon


Steph’s lived experience and commitment to anti-oppression and liberation informs their practice. They collaborate with your strengths to assist in re-membering your stories and re-building trust with the body, brain, and spirit. She believes in the therapeutic relationship first and will often avoid using mental health jargon if they can. Meaning, you are the expert in your care and Steph is here to give a direct but gentle space.

If you are interested in knowing what modalities she uses: Trauma Resiliency Model, Mindfulness, Brainspotting, EMDR, spirituality, and movement are incorporated when appropriate. Their approach is relational, client-centered, with cultural humility and intersectional trauma-informed as a priority. Some forms of trauma or stressful events include racial, workplace, intergenerational, sexual, childhood, or religious.

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