Steph Tuazon, LCSW

Who is Hiya Therapy?

Steph Tuazon, LCSW

In a world that often tells us we’re not meant to find ease, how can we bring even the smallest bit of it into our daily lives? For me, that’s being soft, spicy when I need to, and embracing life’s messiness. There’s always room for play and laughter, even when life is life-ing. My superpower is showing up as me. My clients, colleagues, and friends share that it’s easier to remember and appreciate who they are when they’re around me.

When I’m not doing therapy you can find me sunbathing with my dogs Bacon and Nori, asking the flowers at Trader Joes who wants to come home with me, or lifting heavy weights so I can throw some big kicks. My personal goal in life is to be able to know the name of every plant I see when I’m on my hot girl walks.

I’m a lover of questions, thoughts, and feelings. My curiosity is my gift and how I continue to honor my younger self who asked endless questions. Growing up Catholic and being a child of Filipino immigrants, I was both connected and disconnected from my body and culture. I wanted so badly to live up to “The Good Girl,” “The Strong One,” or even the “The Pretty One.” I learned shame for having curiosities, when I needed help, or for not fitting a certain image. For years I shut down my curiosity, felt comfort in secrets, safety behind self-sacrifice in pursuit of success as defined by others. Failure was not an option, even if it meant being in relationships that hurt.

Studying people, systems, mental health, and health was my way of intellectualizing to understand myself and everyone around me. I thought, maybe if I could help fix someone I could fix myself. Of course, I was wrong. There’s no fixing because I’m not broken and neither are you.

When we exist in broken systems, we can do everything “right” and have it all be “wrong.” Instead, finding comfort in these in-between spaces – the strong you define, the neither good nor bad, the it’s okay to be messy – we can learn to listen to our bodies instead of shame them. Because we are surviving in broken systems, relationships and connections are where our healing happens.

Therapy, social work, psychology, and healthcare are rooted in white supremacy and I’m continuously doing my own work of learning, un-learning, decolonizing, and re-membering. I have a very imperfect practice with learning Tagalog, community herbalism, kali, dance, tarot, astrology, and participating in mutual aid. Some of my privileges are being able-bodied, straight passing, middle income, English speaking, documented, and access to pursue trainings and interests.

Specialized Training:

EMDR, Early Childhood Trauma, Identity-Based Trauma and is an EMDRIA Racial Equity Support Initiative Recipient
Trauma Resiliency Model with the Trauma Resource Institute
MAPS MDMA Therapy as a Health Equity Scholarship Recipient
Mental Health First Aid
Mindfulness from Mindful Awareness Practices for Daily Living
and is currently in a Holistic Sex Therapy program

Formal Education:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California (#84181).
Master of Social Welfare from UCLA
Bachelor of Science in Medical Sociology with a minor in Gerontology from Mount St. Mary’s University Los Angeles

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