Nature Therapy

Nature therapy or ecotherapy, is therapy held in nature.

Being in nature is a great way to reconnect with something outside of the thoughts and feelings we can find ourselves stuck in. As much as virtual therapy is healing – being with the waves crashing, sun shining, sand holding you, and the therapist you’ve gotten to know through a screen is truly its own medicine.
We’ve spent the last few years surviving a pandemic where isolation was normalized. Nature therapy gives the body a chance to reconnect with intention and remember a sense of calm.

Nature sessions are available on a limited basis and after skills have been explored and practiced. If interested in outdoor therapy, our first 1-3 sessions are virtual to build our relationship and practice skills needed to allow for our nature session to be met with ease.

With the investment in time and travel, outdoor therapy is reserved for extended sessions at a minimum of 3 or 4 hours. Although 4 hours may seem intimidating at first, the time goes by quickly. We are not going into the deep roots of traumatic experiences the entire time. However, if you’re ready to explore some of these roots, being in person versus virtual can bring another layer of support with myself and nature available.


One of the advantages of having an extended session means we can spend time grounding and continuing the practices we’ve explored in previous sessions. Unlike regular 50 minute sessions, we can explore a theme or a particular event. These can include: relationships at home and work; “bad” feelings of self-doubt, shame, and loneliness; a recent or past traumatic event.

I prefer to go to the beach in Santa Monica or Redondo. However, parks are also an option and we can discuss if there’s a place you feel called to. 

Your privacy and comfort is of utmost importance to me. Part of our work together is noticing what are the edges of discomfort and what do they need? Is it having a safe word in case somebody walks by? Nature sessions start in the morning to avoid the afternoon crowds. 

Light walking and stretching may be involved, but nothing too strenuous. 

If you’d like to explore a nature therapy session, I’m happy to collaborate with you to understand what accommodations are needed and what location can best honor those needs.

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