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Okay you’ve decided on choosing this path that feels both new and familiar.. Congratulations!

You're surviving capitalism and doing your best to shoo away those thoughts that trickle in

Can I do this?
What about being in a stable job?
Shouldn’t I do this and not that?

It can feel confusing and lonely to be navigating this landscape, especially if you’re first in your family to do something different.

You are not alone.


Steph is often sharing information for free, so send a question if you have one! If you have more questions, want to pick Steph’s brain on her lived experience, or meet for a few focused sessions to gain some clarity please book a coaching session.

Being a social worker/therapist WHILE navigating your inner critic, questions on purpose, trying to de-center white supremacy, AND coping with monetizing a part of you is not easy to say the least.

Support or consultation may be available on a sliding scale basis for:

  • Graduate students in their pre/current/post MSW, MFT, or similar program

  • Therapists with their business practices or intentions

  • Therapists seeking support on a client case

Coaching sessions are 50 minutes long at $200 per session and once your request for an appointment is approved, consent forms and a questionnaire will be sent to you so we can focus in on our time together.

How do I choose between coaching or therapy?

Steph loves working with new and seasoned therapists in a therapeutic setting and coaching is not the same as psychotherapy. With coaching, we can work on what your specific questions are to gain some clarity on what’s grounding you or learn more about Steph’s experiences with grad school, hospital social work, corporate side of hospitals, private practice building, sifting through white supremacy culture in trainings and interests.

Book a coaching session if your questions are like:

  • I’m starting to decenter white supremacy in my practice, but everything about social work feels like it’s steeped in it. How do I figure out what works for me?

  • I’m in this space where I’m one of the few BIPOC people and it feels really confusing. Can we connect for some brief support?

  • I’m a hospital social worker and want to try doing therapy part-time, how do I get started?

  • I’m debating on going to school for a Masters in Social Welfare, what was your experience like?

  • I’m thinking about going full time with private practice. When did you know you were ready and what are some things I should plan for?

  • I’m really interested in getting an internship or job as a hospital social worker, can you help me prepare for my interview?

  • How do you incorporate TRM, BSP, EMDR in your sessions?

  • I’m so used to completing strict guidelines for therapy, how do I start showing up more like me in sessions?

Book a therapy session if you are residing in California and wanting to work more in depth on limiting beliefs like “I’m unworthy or I’m bad” or shame and trauma.

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Contact me to schedule your 15 minute consultation. Please note email is not a completely secure platform. Please share basic information on this contact form. More details can be shared when we meet!

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Tuesday 11:00am – 4:00pm
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*In person Intensives are not currently available.


$300 for 50 minutes
Intensives start at $600 for 2 hours virtual or $1200 for 4 hours in person

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